Introduction of the main structure of the spark plug

The main structure of the spark plugs are: 1. Wire screw; 2. Central electrode; 3. Ground electrode; 4. Metal shell; 5. Insulator, the most important of which are two electrodes.
From the appearance point of view, the top part is called “terminal screw cap”, it is connected to the cylinder line, the role is to complete the docking of the cylinder line, when plugging and unplugging the cylinder line, it feels that there is a sense of inhalation or ejection from here At the same time, it is also a place to receive electrical energy.
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The following ceramic parts are insulated, heat-resistant, and thermally conductive. These are the characteristics of ceramic materials. There are several groove-like ripples on the ceramic surface. Their function is to prevent the occurrence of flashover, that is, between the terminal screw cap and the main metal. Ignition phenomenon (because continuous high-voltage electricity is generated between the terminal screw cap and the main metal during ignition, the high-voltage electricity will try to slip away along the surface of the insulator, and in order to block the high-voltage electricity, layers of grooves are provided).
Close to the ceramic part is the main metal. The hexagonal shape above (different in size) facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the spark plug. From the manufacturing process, its surface is also electroplated to prevent high temperature and corrosion. The screw thread is used to fasten the cylinder head. The screw diameter and screw length are also classified according to the engine.
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At the end is the electrode of the spark plug. There are a center electrode and an outer electrode. The two may use two different materials. The precious metal materials such as iridium or platinum often refer to the material of the center electrode. The outer electrode will also use the same material). Compared with the ordinary spark plug with nickel manganese alloy electrode, their ignition ability is stronger, but the price is also several times different.

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